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Towns on lake Como

Lake Como has much to offer; Large and small countries dot the shores of this beautiful lake, each with its features and charm. We at Regina Teodolinda Estates know these places and we thought to offer you a quick overview of what are the main towns of Lake Como and their features, good reading!


Argegno is a small town on Como lake, with a little more than 600 inhabitants, situated a few km north of Laglio and south of Tremezzo. This little medieval village with roman origins (it owes its foundation to the consul Publio Cesio Archigene) is divided into two by the mouth of the river Telo and the two parts are linked together by a beautiful ancient stone bridge.

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Bellagio, at the top of the so called “Triangolo Lariano”(the triangle of Lario), situated at the foot of the hill that divides the lake into the branches of Como and Lecco, is one of the most famous and elegant touristic destinations, with its beautiful villas and its fascinating nature.

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Campione d’Italia

In Switzerland, on the Ceresio lake, we find one of the most evocative panoramas of Lombardy and the Ticino area, where colours and shades vary every day, every season. Campione d’Italia is a small town, an Italian exclave with an interesting history.

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Cantù is currently a city with approximately 39.700 inhabitants, located in the Northern part of Western Brianza, 369 meters above the sea level. The city occupies a surface of 23,18 kmq, considering both the center of the city and the many small districts around it: Asnago, Cascina Amata, Fecchio, Mirabello, Vighizzolo.

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Cernobbio, a few kilometres away from Como, has been a small town on the lake with legislative autonomy since the medieval time; a little jewel nestled between the western shore of Lario and the panoramic Bisbino mountain, on the Swiss borders.

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Colico, last town on the eastern shore, is located north of Bellano and east of Sorico. It is the preferred destination for those who love water sports and kitesurf.

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Como, on the tip of the western shore of the lake, is a city with 80.000 inhabitants, holding an interest in its history, culture, its textile industry but, mainly, its amazing position.
Como was born from prehistoric settlements and then moved by Giulio Cesare right on the passageway to the northern slope of the Alps, the city has always played a key role for the region, so much that it competed with Milan for centuries.

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Domaso is an old fishermen village, a few km away from Gravedona and Dongo. Situated on a plain, Domaso still preserves its charm.

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Gravedona is located on a small bay at the foot of a green mountain, it is one of the most important towns in the area for historical and religious reasons and, today, it is also a key touristic and commercial centre.

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Laglio is a tiny town with less than 1000 inhabitants, situated north of Cernobbio, on the Como lake branch. Laglio has become famous worldwide since George Clooney bought a house there and often started spending a lot of his free time in town.

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Lecco is situated at the very south of the eastern branch of the lake. It is a city with almost 50.000 inhabitants, and it once inspired Alessandro Manzoni with his “Promessi Sposi”. Today, Lecco is a province.

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Menaggio is an old town situated in the central area of Como lake, on the western shore, at the beginning of a valley that links Menaggio itself to Lugano lake. Vacationers discovered Menaggio already at the beginning of the 19th century, attracted by its landscapes and a mild climate.

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Olgiate Comasco

It is an Italian town with 11.479 inhabitants, in the province of Como. It is located in a strategic position as it is only 10km far away from Como, 14km from Varese, 8km from the Swiss borders and 45km from Milan.

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Porlezza, Albogasio, Cimia, Valsolda

Lugano lake, also known as Ceresio, is an alpine lake situated alongside the Swiss-Italian borders. It extends among Canton Ticino, Como province and Varese province. The North-Eastern part (with the towns of Porlezza and Valsolda, both in the province of Como) and a portion of the South-Western part (by Porto Ceresio, in the province of Varese) belong to Italy.

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Varenna, situated between Mandello and Bellano, is an old town that overlooks the lake and is perfectly connected to the major places on the other side of the lake.
Varenna is situated on a hill by the Esino stream mouth and its origins may be linked to some Iron Age establishments.

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